About me

My story

Twenty something.
Compulsive shopper.
Berlin based.
Romanian born.
Instagram addict.
Web savvy.
Pinterest pro.
Hooked on Swedish minimalism.

Simona noun \ˈsī-mə-na\ 1 :  A happy, bubbly, fun, and loving person who always smiles and loves to encourage other people follow their dreams; 2 : A girl thats, funny, amazing, and supercool. Is a very rare person, being a nerd while being incredibly pretty and cute;
Well UrbanDictionary.com you got that right! Joke aside, first option defines me better. I do remember someone told me a while ago that she never saw me sad - pretty much because I love the see the glass half full at all times. I'm also a firm believer of always being passionate about what you do and never taking no for an answer (I can get quite intense about this).

I started I Heart Black in 2011 because I like to experiment with new things (ok, also because I had loads of free time on my hand) new tech, some SEO, a bit of social media, some HTML. Yes, everything you see today on the blog is made entirely by me, and in time it became my small corner where I can share with other my passion for beauty, fashion and everyday moments that inspire meThe blog helped me in ways I could never imagined. It challenged me to always be on the ball, learn and expand my horizons fashion wise and business wise. It helped me meet wonderful people along the way. It also helped me document my style evolution - see what works and doesn't for my body figure - and helped me gain more confidence. 

Well that was quite some rambling. Now if you're new to I Heart Black I would recommend checking out the OUTFITS section in case you're interested in my everyday style. Or the INSPIRATION section if you're out of ideas on how to mix and match pieces you already have in your wardrobe. If you're looking for cool basics, or statement pieces I'd say you should visit the SHOP section - pretty much curated content for killer outfits. 

I hope you'll enjoy surfing around the website and if there's something you think it's missing or you have any questions write me in the comment box bellow or at simona@iheartblack.com



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