Groove Vol. 2 / My Top 2017 Festivals

Second volume of my Groove series brings back the festival season (yey!).  For me last summer was perfect to try the Off Sonar parties in Barcelona and Sacred Ground in a very old former farm located close to Berlin, in the German country side (100% of the pictures). Both small and cozy and quite far from the mainstream, huge festival scenes of Dutch, British or American kind.  I'm quite sure this is by far more enjoyable, less crowded more intimate and a place where you can for sure meet like minded music lovers and have fun with your friends. We sure did! 

With so many options, no matter where you live, make sure your festival season brings you the most joy together with your friends and you're making the most of it. Here's a small selection of my favories, few of which I will for sure attend! See you there. Click on the name for more info and tickets. 

1. Dekmantel - When? August 2017 Where? Amsterdam
2. Sunfall - When? 12 August 2017 Where? London
3.   Sacred Ground 3rd edition - When? 21-23 July 2017 Where? Brüssow, Germany
4. Off Sonar - When? 12-18th June 2017 Where? Barcelona
5. Southern Soul - When? 29 June - 2 July 2017 Where? Velika Plaza, Montenegro
6. Into the valley - When? 29 June - 1st July 2017 Where? Rummu quarry, Estonia
7. Kreisen - When? 21st April 2017 Where? Hamburg

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