When seasons change I instantly get into blogging mood again. Weird. I guess is because I'm not a "38 degrees summer in the city" kind of person. Like seriously, who is? Thank God, the temperatures dropped considerably so I basically pulled out all blazers, cardigans, sweaters and I'm so ready for fall. This outfit here is one of those so called transitioning - shoes and shirt from summer, sleeveless blazer (timeless?!) and a bucket bag (these ones are apparently still cool) to which I added a fluffy thinghy and a wool hat because honestly my hair has a personality of its own. 

So tell me, what's your transitioning into fall go to pieces?
Fingers crossed my blogging mood isn't going away soon - you'll see next week.

The reality behind: Nobody can walk in high heels 8h a day. However in Converse.. yes please!

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