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I did it, I managed to post 2 weeks in a row and pose in lingerie. To be honest, that's how I'm spending my Sunday mornings lately: a cup of coffee, an easy read and black lingerie. And yes, I do put on jewelry some times, it's relaxing. For the longest time I've struggled with showing off my body and now that I think of it it all goes back to when I was around 12-13 years old. I remember being bullied by kids who were not understanding why I wasn't fitting into certain image standards other girls were showing - simply my breasts just developed faster, runs in the family. Two, three years later the situation changed to 180°, I was a teenager receiving too much unwanted attention so naturally I tried to dress in ways that were "hiding" my breasts, always self conscious about my looks, and facing terrible experiences when going bra shopping. Now fast forward to the present, I can easily say I got wiser with age and now, close to 25 I could not care less what other people think. I've got some help in the lingerie department too: the wonders a perfect fitting bra can do. I think I discovered Hunkemöller when I moved to Germany, 2 years ago. I remember stepping in into one of their shops and out with like 10 bras - there are not a lot of lingerie shops out there who are not exclusively designing for A/B cups so for me that was a big win. Now I shop online for bras. I hope you're not struggling with finding the perfect bra but just in case you are, give Hunkemöller a try - make sure you ask for a specialists' help in store to find your size exactly.  

Kimono and Bra - Hunkemöller

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