Schloss Charlottenburg Continuing the touristic activities in Berlin, last Saturday was for Charlottenburg Castle and the Siegessäule (Victory Column). We started at the Castle and ended up to Jannowitzbrücke, and the entire almost 10km trip (by foot!) was just to reach only the best Chinese food so far, across the Chinese Embassy.Honestly the hardest thing so far has been to find good places to eat. Going to the supermarket is the most complicated thing to do so far, since I always spend 40 minutes there and end up buying almost nothing (wurst, wurst everywhere).

I've always been a big fan of the little black dress (in this case this the little black t-shirt) because you can dress it up or down depending on the time of the day. So here I am wearing ZARA t-shirt, bag and shoes. One new addition are the glasses, which I've recently got because my sight is starting to deteriorate, apparently. Looking a bit hipster-ish they work perfectly for blending in (*wink*). Either way, I can finally see clear and I have no idea why I waited so long to get a pair. You can find a cool pair here as well.

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  1. Raluca Alina VintilescuSeptember 1, 2013 at 11:08 PM

    you look gorgeous!



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