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Monday inspiration: Denim Shorts

Monday, May 13, 2013

Morning babes! I am such a big fan of these super cute denim shorts and even though in The Netherlands the weather is not friendly enough to enable us to go full summer mode, in other parts of the world is already warm enough to enjoy them. Okey, so I decided to keep the Monday inspiration series going (last week post here) and here are some ideas on how to wear the denim shorts. I personally prefer casual outfits with them (white blouse, a pair of sandals and you're good to go) but the possibilities are endless: all denim, high heels, boots, slouchy over-sized. Also the cuts are enough for every body figure: you have the short-shorts (waaaaay too short!), the regular fit, the boyfriend, the distressed ones (my favorites), combinations (distressed and boyfriend - another personal favorite).

Do share what you're favorites are and how you like to wear them! We're all looking for inspiration.

PS: I had a full week applying to jobs, writing thesis, assignments and so on that I forgot about the outfit post this week. (as I'm writing this is 3AM, I've been a bit off-schedule lately)

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  1. Beautiful pictures and amazing outfits.

    I love it.


  2. i have a pair of cutoffs that are almost rags. they are pretty much my only clothing item i actually MEND. they are such a perfect summer staple.


  3. Amazing photos! :D

    xx MJ


  4. I am really loving those shorts! Unfortunately because of the weather here I won't be wearing any soon :-(. Love your blog by the way!!



  5. Thanks you! I know what you mean; I think here in The Netherlands (just saw you are from Rotterdam) we can have all seasons in one day. Hehe.



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