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Happy New Year to everybody! I hope you had a great new years party and all your last year resolutions came true. I also hope you found the perfect outfit for that night. I sure had a blast in the mountains, snowboarding, visiting Bran Castle again and overall having a nice time. Bellow are some photos from my Instagram  and others with what I did over the Christmas and New Year holidays. 

Now I'm still in Romania but I'll have to leave soon for a couple of weeks however after I'll be back here for almost a month. Can't wait! xD The first picture is from Liege where we missed like 3 trains for getting to the airport and enjoyed a coffee instead. Then there are some pictures with my beautiful Christmas tree which we always decorate on the 24th of December and my red lips makeup for the first Christmas day as well as the present for my dad. Then several pictures are with my boyfriend and I snowboarding, skating and riding the snowmobile and of course the 'Happy New Year' picture. Hope you have a fun end of 2012! Let me know how it was!


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  1. la multi ani pentru anul 2013! pupici

  2. La multi ani si tie sa ai un an minunat! x

  3. looks like u had a great time!! nice gifts :) wld love for you to visit my blog..and follow maybe?

  4. Great present you got, I see you enjoyed your time! Great post :D


  5. Gorgeous pictures,great setting!
    Keep up the good work
    Followed :)

  6. Such beautiful pics, great post!


  7. La multi ani si sa ai parte de un 2013 minunat! :)
    Bradutul arata super :x

  8. Seems like you had a goog timee!
    I am really curious! What was in the box!??
    Your newest follower

  9. Gracias! Just something my mum bought for my dad! x