23 April 2014


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From all the classics, must haves and staples stripes are by far my favorite being so versatile and easy to reinterpret and adapt time after time. Now, I absolutely love horizontal stripes but I ain't no model, so they're not really flattering when you have some curves going on. The good side? We can all go for vertical stripes which have an elongating effect, making us look look taller and slimmer (although my geeky side found out that some scientists concluded the exact contrary!?). I guess in the end we should wear whatever makes us feel comfortable and confident. So I'm definitely lining up for stripes this spring! Do you? :) Enjoy your day!

I'm wearing: Zara Bag, Loafers and Jeans  •  Bershka Blazer  •  New Yorker Striped Shirt  • H&M rings  •  Primark mirrored sunglasses

21 April 2014


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 EN  ... just because I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and I saw everybody spent Easter holidays at home. Easter with the family for me meant chatting with my folks over Skype and then funny thing happened. My grandma' wanted pictures of me to frame so she can have them in her house; I told her I'll bring some when I'm back home, but in the meantime, my mum should show her my blog, and check some photos. In 5 seconds I can hear my grandma over Skype telling my mum: "Hmmm.. where do you have this blog? Is it in your bag? Can I keep it?" Ahhhhh...she was so sweet.

These pictures are taken yesterday while checking the Western part of Berlin which is b-e-a-utiful. I kept it simple & easy as usual, yet chic. Happy Easter to you all again!

 RO   ... pentru ca de 3 zile scroll-uiesc pe Facebook si vad ca toata lumea isi petrece sarbatorile acasa. Pentru mine Pastele in familie s-a rezumat la a vorbi pe Skype ca in fiecare zi, doar ca de data asta am vorbit si cu scumpa de bunica-mea care din una in alta imi zice ca vrea si ea niste poze cu mine sa le puna pe servanta. I-am zis ca o sa ii aduc cand vin dar intre timp ar putea mama sa-i arata poze de pe blog si doar ce o aud ca o intreaba pe maica-mea: "Hmmm..unde ai blogu' asta? Il gasesc in geanta la tine? Pot sa il pastrez?" Cam cat de amuzanta a fost? In alta ordine de idei, tot nu am terminat de explorat Berlinul, dar ieri am revizitat partea de Vest unde am si locuit vreo luna asa. Cat de frumos si complet diferit de Estul Berlinului; asa, parizian si boem. Cat despre ce port, e cat se poate de simplu si comod. Just the way I like it! Sarbatori fericite tuturor!

I'm wearing: Zara Gereen jacket & Tote • Collins Jeans • H&M Conscious Collection T-shirt • H&M pumps & necklace  Primark Sunglasses

16 April 2014


basics, ripped jeans, Zara, casual style, simple, fashion, ootd, black zara tote, philip lim tote, cherry blossoms, berlin, vertical striped shirt, nude vintage coat, structured coat, clean lines, pink pumps, stacked rings, pink iphone case silicon, fashion blogger

If there's one thing I learned about style over time (and by adoring Leandra Medine), is never to dress for men but with other women in mind. She used to say that if we all dressed for men we would wear only bodycon miniskirts and dresses, and she's in fact very true. There's something I find both empowering & comfortable in using masculine elements with feminine details. You should try it sometimes, the confidence will boost through the roof. 

I posted this combo on the blog last week, when I stressed how much I love this coat, but I thought it deserved a proper post. Simple lines and classic pieces it's all I'm going for these days. What are you going for lately?

I'm wearingVintage coat/ vintage shirt/ Zara ripped jeans & bag/ Nine West pink pumps/ 
H&M stacked rings & Pink Iphone cover