16 April 2014


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If there's one thing I learned about style over time (and by adoring Leandra Medine), is never to dress for men but with other women in mind. She used to say that if we all dressed for men we would wear only bodycon miniskirts and dresses, and she's in fact very true. There's something I find both empowering & comfortable in using masculine elements with feminine details. You should try it sometimes, the confidence will boost through the roof. 

I posted this combo on the blog a last week, when I stressed how much I love this coat, but I thought it deserved a proper post. Simple lines and classic pieces it's all I'm going for these days. What are you going for lately?

I'm wearingVintage coat/ vintage shirt/ Zara ripped jeans & bag/ Nine West pink pumps/ 
H&M stacked rings & Pink Iphone cover

12 April 2014


leather pants, faux, black t-shirt, causal, green motor jacket, nike pale pink sneakers, style, simple, fashionable, ootd, black zara tote, givenchy tote, cherry blossoms, berlin, mirrored sunglasses, sunnies, transparent

"Because of you, in gardens of blossoming flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring."
 Pablo Neruda

I've been living in the same place in Berlin for about 4 months now and my house is in front of a rather big park. Now, last week was the first time I decided to explore it a bit, nothing special. The actual park looks nothing like these pictures, but there was a small, hidden gate in one of the corners leading to this wonderful rose garden. Obviously, no roses yet, but I did stumble upon these gorgeous cherry blossom trees so what better time to snap some pics?

Case in point, this is my go-to outfit for most of the days: all black with hints of color. After lusting over this bag for months, and deciding it was way out of my price range I turned to mother of all lookalikes, Zara just to find this black bag 30 times cheaper than the original. Thanks again to all who joined the giveaway, and for all of you who didn't there's still time until Monday 14th. Till next time, enjoy your weekend!

I'm wearing: Zara Jacket, Bag and faux leather pants/ Nike sneakers/ Primark tee and sunnies

09 April 2014


boyfriend jeans, distressed, nude vintage coat, silky top, flowy, palton crem,top  matase, sandale nude, chain sandals, strappy, nude, stacked rings, skinny necklace, casual curls, balayage, ombre, style, blogger, berlin

I can really say, this combination is defining me the most at the moment: relaxed jeans, flowy top, structured coat (that I'm wearing waaaaay too often) and new strappy sandals. I developed a thing for boyfriend, occasionally ripped, relaxed jeans; from classy, edgy, skinny or menswear inspired we’re all seeking comfort and distressed jeans might just to the job.

In these pics you can actually see that I got some lighter highlights. I was going for the balayage effect, but since I have dark hair I have to do it gradually. Damn...my sleeping pattern has changes to I have to go back to my coffee now. Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

I'm wearing: Vintage coat/ Zara jeans/ Primark top&sunnies/ Stradivarius strappy chain sandals/ H&M rings