Groove Vol. 2 / My Top 2017 Festivals

Second volume of my Groove series brings back the festival season (yey!).  For me last summer was perfect to try the Off Sonar parties in Barcelona and Sacred Ground in a very old former farm located close to Berlin, in the German country side (100% of the pictures). Both small and cozy and quite far from the mainstream, huge festival scenes of Dutch, British or American kind.  I'm quite sure this is by far more enjoyable, less crowded more intimate and a place where you can for sure meet like minded music lovers and have fun with your friends. We sure did! 

With so many options, no matter where you live, make sure your festival season brings you the most joy together with your friends and you're making the most of it. Here's a small selection of my favories, few of which I will for sure attend! See you there. Click on the name for more info and tickets. 

1. Dekmantel - When? August 2017 Where? Amsterdam
2. Sunfall - When? 12 August 2017 Where? London
3.   Sacred Ground 3rd edition - When? 21-23 July 2017 Where? Brüssow, Germany
4. Off Sonar - When? 12-18th June 2017 Where? Barcelona
5. Southern Soul - When? 29 June - 2 July 2017 Where? Velika Plaza, Montenegro
6. Into the valley - When? 29 June - 1st July 2017 Where? Rummu quarry, Estonia
7. Kreisen - When? 21st April 2017 Where? Hamburg

in mild weather

Favorite things on repeat for crisp autumn walks.

Jeans / Coat / Bag / Loafers

Groove Vol. 1

I decided to start a curated selection of favorite shots around Berlin - a collection of photos from different places, different seasons, different moods and vibes.  

Behind all of these shots there was always a group of friends, being happy, enjoying life, with good music, grooving around. And then every now and then there's a little moment where you hardly pick your phone up just to make sure you'll have it forever recorded in small illuminated dots on a screen. 

Friends' rooftop view

Somewhere around Auguststr.

Pop-up party in a tiny house on the Spree

Neue Heimat

Berlin's artsy walls hidden in back gardens

Bite Club


A collection of some of the favorites pictures I took in Barcelona, during different trips - last December and Off Sonar this summer. It really doesn't matter if summer or winter Barcelona never disappoints. 

Few tips: go and rent an Airbnb to get the most of the experience, the easiest way to live almost like a local. Historical buildings in key location also have their perks - immensely beautiful and close to the action. This was our choice in Plaça Reial, a bit loud though but worth it. Walk, walk, walk. Walk everywhere and go off the main streets. Try Foursquare or apps like to find the best food - eat like a local. Don't think too much and just enjoy it! :)

Flared jeans & hope for the best

 I think I was in high-school last time I remember wearing flare jeans this much. I like to believe my style evolved in the meanwhile enough to wear them in more classy combinations. Now I mostly pair everything with black and hope for the best. I occasionally like to add a bit of color here and there but I mostly play with basics, solid colors - I think those fit my personality better. 

Flared Jeans - Zara / find similar ones here

Time flies

Just got back from Dubai the other week (more on that soon) and while I was excited for some warm weather I can't enjoy more the temperatures in Berlin. Turns out I'm a spring / autumn kind of person but I guess I knew that already through the all black outfit choices.
I'm a big fan of dressing simple, and by simple I mean monochrome basics, while adding some pieces here and there that give the overall look some personality. Like hats I can't stop buying or jewelry I can't stop wearing. Or like the new addition on my accessories shelve the wood watch, really a conversation starter (no, I mean, like really).

Made out of maple wood, self-winding automatic and designed for people who don't just have somewhere to be but they have somewhere to go this little guy will be on my wrist in the cold season. Get yours here.

Wooden Watch Review

Girl talk: Lingerie

I did it, I managed to post 2 weeks in a row and pose in lingerie. To be honest, that's how I'm spending my Sunday mornings lately: a cup of coffee, an easy read and black lingerie. And yes, I do put on jewelry some times, it's relaxing. For the longest time I've struggled with showing off my body and now that I think of it it all goes back to when I was around 12-13 years old. I remember being bullied by kids who were not understanding why I wasn't fitting into certain image standards other girls were showing - simply my breasts just developed faster, runs in the family. Two, three years later the situation changed to 180°, I was a teenager receiving too much unwanted attention so naturally I tried to dress in ways that were "hiding" my breasts, always self conscious about my looks, and facing terrible experiences when going bra shopping. Now fast forward to the present, I can easily say I got wiser with age and now, close to 25 I could not care less what other people think. I've got some help in the lingerie department too: the wonders a perfect fitting bra can do. I think I discovered Hunkemöller when I moved to Germany, 2 years ago. I remember stepping in into one of their shops and out with like 10 bras - there are not a lot of lingerie shops out there who are not exclusively designing for A/B cups so for me that was a big win. Now I shop online for bras. I hope you're not struggling with finding the perfect bra but just in case you are, give Hunkemöller a try - make sure you ask for a specialists' help in store to find your size exactly.  

Kimono and Bra - Hunkemöller

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